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Our Mission: To preserve and strengthen families while protecting children from abusive or high risk situations.
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Team Event

CYN Counseling Center is very excited to offer a TEAM EVENT for the 2016 TAKE A STEP FOR KIDS Race. This is a great opportunity to gather your running buddies, colleagues or friends and race against other teams for a good cause.

Here's how it works...

♦ All teams will be scored using Cross Country Scoring. The top 5 runner's scores on your team will be combined to create a team score. The best score will win the competition and take home the coveted

♦ To Register, go to and register your team. Be sure to give your team a name so your teammates will be able to find you to join your team. If someone else has created a team and you need to join them, simply search for the team name. Running on a team does not disqualify you from winning individual awards.

♦ There is no additional fee to form a team. All team members will pay the individual registration fee of $30.

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